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Life in a tourist town.

My family and I live in an absolutely beautiful piece of the world. A life that is quite a bit slower than most are accustomed to. A rural life that we are grateful for....

We live in Cave City, Kentucky. The doorway to Mammoth Cave. A hidden gem kind of place even though we are right on I65. Once a booming and thriving area. It has struggled to grow and kind of left behind. Thankfully a lot of small business entrepreneurs have chosen to come here and we are watching our town slowly grow. We have so many new businesses and activities to do. We still have those treasures such as Toms Tee Pee (50yrs or close to it), The Older General Store (40 years or more I think) and we are pleased that they have remained all these years.

Gonna have to end this short ... But the only thing missing is your family. Set those GPS coordinates to Cave City for your next weekend getaway. We would love to see y'all.

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